We offer you the most effective options for locking away valuable assets since sometimes the only safe place is to keep them under your supervision whether at home or work.

We as well provide you with finger print & face recognition time attendance machines that are essential nowadays and help in increasing your business’s efficiency and in keeping your working environment safe. Speaking of a safe environment, especially during this pandemic, our body temperature reader helps in triggering those who might be affected and gives access to individuals that are safe to enter. Hence, helps in decreasing the risk of spreading the virus.

Finding difficulty in keeping a queue in its place at your company? We are happy to be the provider of the Q-Smart Queuing system that helps in keeping all customers in place avoiding any inconveniences.

Our line consists of both Security and systems used products such as:

  • Body Temperature Reader with Access Door Control
  • Guard Tracks
  • Finger Print & Face Recognition Time Attendance
  • Queuing system
  • Safes
  • POS System + Software