Due to our exceptional maintenance and responsive customer service, SMS managed to be recognized as a banking solutions provider locally and internationally.

We have been specializing in the banking systems and solutions for the last 10 years and have managed to be a provider for several well-known banks in Lebanon such as BDL, Byblos Bank, FNB, BEMO, BLOM, NECB, IBL, and BBAC.

Since time is money, it is worth to mention that our counter machines help banks and companies save time from visually inspecting bills.

Need not forget that hygiene is vital and especially during the pandemic, that is why we as well are providers for money sterilizer for both your customers and yourselves safety.

For the Business and Banking sectors our line consist of products such as :

  • Basic Counter
  • Checkers
  • Coin Counter
  • Money Counters & Detectors
  • Money Sterilizer