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  • Office shredder: EBA 5141 innovative high capacity office shredder available for sale at SMS Lebanon. Office Shredder with the ability to get the job done quickly and easily with minimal effort. 

  • Digital encoding, with intellectual property rights, embedded with 32 bits ARM microprocessor, operating with extremely comfortable feelings. SMS Lebanon offers a wide range of POS hardware and software.

  • S65 is a kind of enterprise-class handheld terminal, similar to a mobile phone size, with optimized ergonomics design, is comfortable and easy to use 5.0 inch large screen and industrial ultra-sensitive capacitive touch function make the device runs steadily and efficiently. SMS Lebanon offers a wide range of point of sale hardware and software.

  • Active Guard is the most advanced, first of its kind in the world, system for monitoring the time, place and results of the work of personnel. Active Guard can be used as a guard tour system, a personnel protection system and a voice communications device. Active Guard ensures the ability to react immediately, which helps increase the safety and quality...

  • Check reader scanner with autofeeder available at SMS Lebanon. The Seac Banche RDS 3000 is suitable for data capture and document imaging requirements based on checks and check-sized financial documents such as credit transfer slips, travellers cheques, utility bills and other vouchers.

  • EBA 1324 / 1524 CD shredder - DVD shredder available at SMS Lebanon. Strip cut and 4 x 40 mm cross cut models suitable for safe shredding of the most common CDs and DVDs.

  • Digital type of filing cabinet and fire proofing safes ensure a high level of security through a feature that allows the user to change the combination of numbers. And an automatic lock system for the double security of this filing cabinet / fire safe. Available at SMS Lebanon.

  • Speed-i-Jet 798 portable pocket printer is available for sale at SMS Lebanon with built-in clock, calendar, consecutive numbering - Up to 40 characters of your choice!

  • The Lock Alarm XT is similar to the Cable Lock Alarm but has double the thickness of cable to provide an even higher level of security for your valuable possessions. Available for sale at SMS Lebanon.

  • Desktop POS terminal Qualcomm snapdragon octa-core. Available in 3 versions. Super performance embedded printer. Independent dual screen and dual system program. SMS Lebanon offers a wide range of point of sale hardware and software.

  • The Magner VC525 Spindle Vacuum Banknote Counter available for sale at SMS Lebanon is a high speed note counter ideal for check counting pre-bundled notes. The excellent durability and speed of operation is allied to the smallest footprint of any similar product offered. The Magner VC525 is widely used by CIT, cash Centre and back office banking...

  • Now you can manage & monitor your Branches by using POPs Cloud System in the Back office departments with the ability to grant different permissions for each user

  • When travelling the personal possessions you carry with you are often at great risk to opportunist thieves. The Lock Alarm Mini available at SMS Lebanon is your ideal travel companion, helping safeguard your items and ensuring your trip does not get spoiled.

  • Easily and quickly protect all types of books, documents, and a multitude of items in just seconds!

  • The speed-i-Marker 940 (Industrial marker available for sale at SMS Lebanon) is one of the most versatile handheld inkjet printers AMI/Reiner has to offer.

  • Fashion and ergonomic design with exquisite materials, S63 is the best option for specialized industries using, such as logistics out-field, chain stores, medical management and retail pharmacy. wireless signal receiving is provided for enterprise using. SMS Lebanon offers a wide range of point of sale hardware and software.

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