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  • Fire Proof Safe available at SMS Lebanon,magnified in its inner space effectively and secure valuable contents against unexpected fire and theft.

  • 1- to count any bills freely. 2- to count in batch. 3- to count in adding. 4- to check fake bills specially by UV&MG, while counting. 5- to be suitable for worldwide currencies. 6- to be with perfect accuracy for counting and checking.

  • Pocket value counter / Super detector available for sale at SMS Lebanon: Utilizing both full line Infra-red CIS sensors, the Model 100 is able to discriminate notes by denomination and orientation, while providing the highest level of protection against counterfeits. Count mixed notes and catch counterfeits in 1 pass Upgradable for new series notes and/or...

  • SMS Lebanon's depository drop safes are designed for ease of use and are a great choice. The safe is equipped with laser cut steel plate door, spring loaded re-locker and chrome plated heavy-duty steel locking bolts as well as an anti-drill lock plate.

  • Durable 1 D-code Scanner Theellb1D barcode scanner is one of our handheld equipment that may read various 1D barcodes and on-screen 1D payments, suitable for RS-232, USB, PS2, virtual USB and other PC interfaces, The development package and drivers are provided for free. Chinese characters can be read as well. SMS Lebanon offers a wide range of point of...

  • Automatic and electronic checkwriter (Check writer) to prevent a check duplication,or faking your typed amounts in all currencies. Available for sale at SMS Lebanon.

  • POPs Restaurant Queue Display System (QDS) help your customer and your staff to manage the ready orders and the waiting orders to get better serving time and to manage the crowded restaurants.

  • A versatile U lock with alarm for securing valuable items from theft. Available for sale at SMS Lebanon.

  • Digital type ensures a high level of security through a feature that allows the user to change the combination of numbers. And an automatic lock system for the double security. It was also designed with user-friendly angles and color of buttons which increase its functionality. Fire proofing safe supplied by SMS Lebanon.

  • Combining product aesthetics with innovative engineering. Tango finds a great balance between form and usability which empower a broad range of point-of-service applications. SMS Lebanon offers a wide range of POS hardware and software. -

  • Orion Express is the first Check reader / scanner that merge on a compact size a “Vertical” scanner with a “Flat” scanner. Available for sale at SMS Lebanon.

  • EBA Dino 28 (CD - DVD shredder) available at SMS Lebanon. Compact auto feed document shredder for your office. Separate cutting unit for CDs/DVDs/plastic cards.

  • S50 is a solid and durable industrial grade mobile terminal with advanced function of data collection and real-time communication. In term of structural design, adopts high strength overall magnesium aluminum alloy stand around the main board and LCD screen. SMS Lebanon offers a wide range of POS hardware and software.

  • Active Guard is the most advanced, first of its kind in the world, system for monitoring the time, place and results of the work of personnel. Active Guard can be used as a guard tour system, a personnel protection system and a voice communications device. Active Guard ensures the ability to react immediately, which helps increase the safety and quality...

  • The 30 Series offers the technology, performance, and productivity you expect from MAGNER® - the global leader in desktop currency counters. With a wide range of features and options, Magner model 30 available for sale at SMS Lebanon is designed for accurate high speed processing, simplicity of operation, and rugged reliability, even in the most demanding...

  • Fire resistant safe and filing cabinet rated to be fire proof. This ensures that even if a fire does break out near your document storage your valuable, and likely difficult, if not impossible, to replace, paperwork remains safe, secure and undamaged. Available for sale at SMS Lebanon

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