Magner model 100


Pocket value counter / Super detector available for sale at SMS Lebanon: Utilizing both full line Infra-red CIS sensors, the Model 100 is able to discriminate notes by denomination and orientation, while providing the highest level of protection against counterfeits.

  • Count mixed notes and catch counterfeits in 1 pass
  • Upgradable for new series notes and/or counterfeits in the future

More details

These Magner coin counter/sorter machines take the big investment out of small change processing without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

They feature:

  •   The ability to count approximately 600 coins per minute
  •   Hopper capacities of 1000 dimes
  •   Sophisticated electronics with automatic motor shut off.
  •   Optional bag folders
  •   Optional printer and computer interface (model 110) 


Specifications :

  •  Available currencies EURO, USD, LOCAL (OPTION)
  •  Speed Max. 1100 notes/min (piece count)  Max. 1000 notes/min (value count)
  •  Hopper Capacity 500 notes
  •  Stacker capacity 200 notes
  •  Feed System Roller friction type
  •  Display 3.1 inch Graphic LCD (192 x 128 dot)
  •  Denomination detection Full image sensor
  •  Countable Note Thickness 0.06 – 0.12mm
  •  Countable Note Size W 100 - 193mm, H 50 - 100mm
  •  Dimensions 296(W) x 235(L) x 280(H) mm
  •  Weight 10Kg
  •  Power supply Free Voltage AC 110V – 240V – 50/60Hz
  •  Power consumption Standby 20W, Max. 75W

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