Jetstamp 790 MP / 792 MP


Industrial mobile printer available at SMS Lebanon. The JetStamp 790/792 and MP Series of handheld inkjet printers has a marking and coding solution for everyone.

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The jetStamp-Family 790/791/792 
Prints easily, quickly and quietly on all even and uneven surfaces, forms, bundles of documents, or envelopes. Battery operation for added flexibility (model 790) – easy and convenient to take anywhere to mark goods. Portable.


  •   Number, date, time and text in a one or two-line impression
  •   Adjustable character widths, max. 20 characters per line, max. print width 42 mm
  •   Simple menu selections with the user friendly
  •   LCD-display
  •   Up to 4 individual texts or special functions are possible
  •   25 different prints are stored in the system
  •   On request, the 790/792 MP is also deliverable with 10 freely programmable memory spaces. No stored prints.
  •   Quickly adaptable to the changing demands of workplace organisation


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