Pointman model TP-9200 (Card printer)


Card printer available at SMS Lebanon. Plastic Card Printer, Identification Card printer, ID Card printer, Membership Card printer, Certificate Card printer, Employee Card printer, Gift Card printer, Debit Card printer, Loyalty Card printer, Fidelity Card printer... For all your cards printing needs!

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Plastic Card Printer for Identification Card, Membership Card, Certificate Card, Employee Card, Gift Card, Debit Card, ID Card, Loyalty Card, Fidelity Card...

At just a few seconds per card, the printing process is fast, so that cards are generated and personalized immediately, quickly connecting the customer or cardholder to the issuing organization or program. Additional machine-readable information, such as magnetic stripes and smart card chips, can also be encoded.

The TP 9200 is a plastic card printer for identification card, membership card, certificate card, employee card, gift card, debit card etc, with field proven technology in banking markets through strict BMT test.

  • Easy to Print Photo ID Card
  • Reliable to Encode Mag. Stripe/IC/RF Card
  • Flexible Card Printer for the Daily Card Printing
  • Color & Monochrome printing
  • Individual card slot for reprinting
  • Easy to exchange ribbon & TPH
  • Design software ‘TheDesigner’
  • Video CD & Maintenance Manual
  • RFID ribbon protection
  • Strong encoding based on long banking experience.

 Feautures : 

  •  Individual card slot for reprinting
  •  Easy to exchange Ribbon & TPH
  •  Design software ‘The designer’
  •  Video CD & Maintenance Manual
  •  RFID Ribbon ProtectionStrong Encoding based on long banking experience

Options :

  •  Magnetic stripe (4 Million pass)
  •  Contact Smart Card (1 Million contact) 
  •  Contactless Smart Card
  •  Flipper module for Dual side printing
  •  Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) 
  •  Scanner(Dual Side Color : 600dpi)
  • Color & Monochrome Printing
  • Individual card slot for reprinting
  • Easy to exchange Ribbon & TPH
  • Video CD & Maintenance Manual
  • RFID Ribbon Protection
  • Strong Encoding

Ideal For:

  • Identification Card printer / printing
  • Membership Card printer / printing
  • Certificate Card printer / printing
  • Employee Card printer / printing
  • Gift Card printer / printing
  • Debit Card printer / printing
  • ID Card printer / printing
  • Loyalty Card printer / printing
  • Fidelity Card printer / printing
  • Card printer / printing

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