Active Guard


Active Guard is the most advanced, first of its kind in the world, system for monitoring the time, place and results of the work of personnel. Active Guard can be used as a guard tour system, a personnel protection system and a voice communications device. Active Guard ensures the ability to react immediately, which helps increase the safety and quality of work. Available at SMS Lebanon.

More details

- Realtime guard tour system

Thanks to RFID reader Active Guard allows to control guard tours on basis of RFID tags placed on the round course. Monitoring software allows to establish timeframes for RFID tag reading. If no reading is recorded within specified time, the monitoring station notifies of irregularities.

- Personnel protection system

PANIC button can be used in case of emergencies. When PANIC button is being pressed device send an emergency signal to the monitoring station to ask for help. It is possible to record the voice communication surrounding the device by the monitoring system communication and show the position of device if it is supported by GSM network.

- Voice communication device 

Active Guard allows also for GSM two-way voice communication. CALL ME button allows to send signal via GPRS to monitoring station to ask for reply (when it’s pressed shortly) or to call directly to authorized number when it is pressed longer (i.e. police, fire station, supervisor, etc.). It is also possible to call the device from authorized number at any time.

- The tags (control points)

In form of key fob or coin tag can be can be fixed or mobile, can be easily programmed so as to provide appropriate messages after they have been read.

- Resistance to destruction:

- Saving the data even in the case of total destruction of the reader.

- Resistance to any kind of weather conditions (cold, moisture, heat).

- Notification of all mechanical attempts to destroy device.

- Detector, which allows to determine whether the device was exposed to strong electromagnetic fields e.g. the origin of microwave.

- Higher reliability due to increased anti-sabotage security.

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