Magner model VC-525


The Magner VC525 Spindle Vacuum Banknote Counter available for sale at SMS Lebanon is a high speed note counter ideal for check counting pre-bundled notes. The excellent durability and speed of operation is allied to the smallest footprint of any similar product offered. The Magner VC525 is widely used by CIT, cash Centre and back office banking operations worldwide.

More details

The MAGNER VC-525 high speed desk-top bank note counter is the world’s smallest vacuum counter providing speed, simplicity and and a high level of accuracy. At speeds of up to 1,500 notes per minute the VC-525 offers five operating modes including Counting, Add, Batch, Checking, and Alarm Checking. The counter also has two 4 digit LED displays. One displays the count or total to the operator, and the other, which rotates 360 degrees, displays confirming information to the customer. The VC-525 also offers an easy to use operator control panel with touch keys.

Specifications :

  •    Maintaining its proven standard of high quality, performance and heavy duty, the new 48.3lb VC-525      Mini counts.
  •    The smallest spindle banknote counter in the world.
  •    Maintaining its proven standard of high quality, performance and heavy duty, the new 48.3lb VC-525      Mini counts/processes notes at a speed of up to 2300 notes/minute.
  •    Standard features include the adjustable 360 external swivel LED display, air filter system and clamp      safety module.

Counting Modes:

  •          Check Mode: Verifies a known quantity in a bundle
  •          Count Mode: Provides rapid and continuous counting of bundle of varying quantities
  •          Add Mode: Several counts can be totaled and displayed.
  •          Batch Mode: Provides rapid batch of any preset number of notes

Countable note size:

  •          Lenght: 90~300mm
  •          Width: 55~130mm
  •          Thickness: 0.06~0.12mm
  •          Holder capacity: 200 notes

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