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4th Generation embedded intelligent touch screen cashier register.

Including free software.

SMS Lebanon offers a wide range of POS hardware and software.

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1. Do not crash, no poison, high performance, low power consumption, the saved electric charge for one year is equal to the cost of one POS machine.

2. Triple automatic data backup which ensures data security.

3. Support stand-alone networking and chain; IC card can be used to all the chain stores.

4. Support dual display, music player, web browsing and verification payment for the group-buying websites.

5. Fast food restaurants and tea shops support "dishes and price increase' function; compatible with most label printers.

6. Support a lot of functions, such as reservation, open tables, sets of dishes, temporary dishes, reminder dishes, etc.

7. The front support pricing scale; support the functions of automatic weighing and adding scales.

8. Support 32 kitchen printers at the same time: support "one dish one menu" , "one category, one menu' and -one table, one menu' ; support to enable kitchen print monitoring prograrn with no dropping orders.

9. Support Meal Order and E -menu.

10. Use two-dimensional code printing and verification.

11. Realize the function of electrical reservation, ordering, takeout and payment.

12.Realize the function of E-coupons, member card and marketing activities.

13. View the reports in "I' m the boss" mobile terminal.

14. Ernbedded with Socal-CRM system support Json specification; facilitate third-party software interfaces.

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