Magner model 150


2 Pocket desktop banknote sorter, the excellent solution for currency discrimination available for sale at SMS Lebanon. Model certified by the European Central Bank as a RECYCLING.

More details

Currency Discrimination counter with Image Processing Technology

  •  MAGNER uses advanced image processing technology, so MAGNER can discriminate banknote  currencymore accurately and precisely
  •  MAGNER has 4 types of discrimination mode as follows
  •  Mixed mode identifies mixed denomination bills quickly and provides total value and piece count
  •  Single mode counts a specific denomination and classifies all others to the reject pocket
  •  Separation mode recognizes the first banknote and separates different denominations to the reject  pocket
  •  Direction mode process all the notes “faced and oriented” and rejects all the others.



  •  Available currencies Euro, USD, LBP, GBP (Or any 4th Currency)
  •  Dimensions (mm) 330(W) x 350(D) x 370(H)
  •  Weight Approx. 16Kg
  •  Countable Note Size 60 x 90 mm – 100 x 180 mm
  •  Countable Note Thickness 0.08 – 0.12 mm
  •  Hopper Capacity 500 notes (circulated notes)
  •  Pockets 1 pocket and 1 reject
  •  Main Pocket capacity 200 notes (circulated notes)
  •  Reject Pocket Capacity Max. 100 notes (circulated notes) 

  •  Currencies From 4 upto 10 currencies
  •  External Display LCD / FND type for customer
  •  Serial Number Recognition Max. 40 notes / min
  •  Discriminational Function Discriminate between old and new
  •  Display 4.1 inch Graphic LCD
  •  Denomination Detection Full Line Image Sensor
  •  Counterfeit Detection UV, FL, MG (Magnetic Thread Detection), IR
  •  Denomination Count 1000 notes / min Speed
  •  Piece Count Max. 1500 notes/min
  •  Feed System Roller friction system
  •  Power Supply 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60Hz
  •  Power consumption Max. 110 Watts
  •  IR Detection Full Line IR Sensors
  •  Bill Printout With RS -232 Interface for PC and external printer, Print user name.

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